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Cimdi IMPACT-PRO , melns , izmērs 12/XXL

Produkta kods : H30-05-012
EAN: 781513607213
Tooteid kastis: 10
Pasūtīts: 120
19,34 €
The Impact Pro delivers serious performance and protection to hardworking hands across a wide range of applications. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) safeguards your digits and the padded index knuckle absorbs unexpected impact and abrasion when operating hand tools. Breathable mesh around the elastic wrist closure provides a secure and comfortable fit with easy on/off flexibility between tasks. The palm features anatomically shaped palm padding and durable Armortex® (Kevlar® based) grip at your fingertips for added durability.
- Multipurpose
- Maintenance and repair
- Power Tool operation
- Construction
- DIY home improvement