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Cimdi CG Utility , brūns , izmērs 9/M , roku aizsardzībai , ādas

Produkta kods : CG15-75-009
EAN: 781513611883
Tooteid kastis: 10
Pasūtīts: 120
13,26 €
The versatile CG Utility glove handles a wide variety of tasks on the job site with durable leather where you need it most. Genuine leather safeguards your fingers and palm against abrasive materials for long lasting performance. When the sun is high, we added TrekDry® material to help keep your hands cool and comfortable. With a wide-opening elastic cuff for easy glove removal and machine washable leather, we guarantee this is a glove you’ll be reaching for over and over again.
- Multipurpose
- Construction
- Maintenance & Repair
- Equipment Operation
- Woodwork
- Landscaping
- DIY Home improvement

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