Kindad ORIGINAL Foliage - hall/must 12/XXL

Tootekood: MG-76-012
EAN: 781513623671
Tooteid kastis: 10
Tooteid kastis 2: 120
16,60 €
Mechanix Original glove remains in a category all its own. Tried, tested and proven for over 20 years, it provides the perfect blend of flexibility and protection. Durable synthetic leather, form-fitting stretch Spandex and a flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) wrist closure combine to create the ultimate tool for working hands. With a gamut of practical uses, it’s no surprise that The Original® is the most recognized and most frequently worn gloves.
- Military
- Law Enforcement
- Shooting Sport
- Maintenance Repair Operations
- Multipurpose
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Kindad M-PACT Coyote 9/M
Tootekood: MPT-72-009
30,26 €
Kindad M-PACT Coyote 10/L
Tootekood: MPT-72-010
30,26 €
Kindad M-PACT 2 COVERT must 8/S
Tootekood: MP2-55-008
35,47 €
Kindad M-PACT Coyote 8/S
Tootekood: MPT-72-008
30,26 €