Kindad M-PACT 3 72 Coyote 9/M

Tootekood: MP3-72-009
EAN: 781513628614
Tooteid kastis: 10
Tooteid kastis 2: 120
41,66 €
The mighty M-Pact® 3 provides heavy-duty protection for military professionals operating heavy weaponry. The all-new form-fitting split-knuckle shields your hands and disperses damaging blows. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) finger guards shield your digits from blunt force impact and abrasion injuries. For comfort, we incorporated XRD® performance cushioning in the palm to absorb impact and vibration when you’re engaged. Durable Armortex® grip on the palm and fingers increase durability and improve gripping power during heavy operations
- Military
- Law Enforcement
- Search and Rescue
- Maintenance Repair Operations
- Heavy Equipment operation
Sarnased tooted
Kindad ORIGINAL Coyote 10/L
Tootekood: MG-72-010
21,66 €
Kindad ORIGINAL Coyote 11/XL
Tootekood: MG-72-011
21,66 €
Kindad M-PACT 3 55 must 8/S
Tootekood: MP3-55-008
41,66 €
Kindad TS PURSUIT CR5 must 8/S
Tootekood: TSCR-55-008
34,16 €
Kindad TS PURSUIT CR5 must 12/XXL
Tootekood: TSCR-55-012
34,16 €