Hearing Protection


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Dispenser for ear plugs Uvex One2Click wall mounted
SKU: UV2112000
39,23 €
Ear band Uvex X-fold, foldable, SNR23, replaceable plugs
SKU: UV2125344
2,32 €
Ear band Uvex Xact-band, SNR26, replacable plugs
SKU: UV2125362
3,99 €
Ear band Uvex Xact-band, SNR26, replacable plugs
SKU: UV2125372
4,11 €
Ear plugs, disposable, One-fit, non-corded, pair packed. Sky blue. SNR: 31dB. 1 pair. For loud environments.
SKU: UV2112045
0,14 €
Ear plugs, disposable, Uvex X-fit, non-corded, lemon SNR: 37dB. For a very loud environments. 15 pairs Minibox
SKU: UV2112133
10,43 €
Ear plugs, disposable, Uvex Xtra-fit, non-corded, orange SNR: 36dB. For medium-very loud  environments. 1 pair Minibox
SKU: UV2112093
0,32 €
Ear plugs, disposable, X-fit, non-corded, pair packed. Lemon. SNR: 37dB. 1 pair. For a very loud environments.
SKU: UV2112001
0,19 €
Ear plugs, Uvex Xact-fit, corded, lemon SNR: 26dB. For low noise environments. Anatomical form, do not need to be rolled, easy to insert and remove. Minibox
SKU: UV2124001
1,21 €
Earmuffs helmet mounted  Uvex K1H, SNR: 27
SKU: UV2600201
23,59 €
Earmuffs helmet mounted  Uvex K2H, SNR: 30
SKU: UV2600202
27,22 €
Earmuffs helmet mounted Uvex Pheos K2H
SKU: UV2600204
37,51 €
Earmuffs K1. SNR: 28dB, black/green. Soft head band. Ultra light - only 171 g.
SKU: UV2600001
19,33 €
Earmuffs K2. SNR: 32dB, black/yellow. Soft head band.
SKU: UV2600002
23,30 €
Earmuffs K200. SNR: 28dB, black/yellow. Dielectric
SKU: UV2600200
15,42 €
Earmuffss helmet mounted  Uvex dBex 3000 H, orange
SKU: UV3000165
37,71 €
Earmuffss helmet mounted  Uvex Pheos magnet K2P, dielectric muff, SNR: 30
SKU: UV2600215
54,23 €
Earmuffss helmet mounted uvex 3200H - di-electric helmet earmuff
SKU: UV2500025
48,55 €
Earplugs One-fit without cord refill box for the Uvex dispenser, 200 pairs. SNR 31 dB
SKU: UV2112046
22,34 €
Earplugs X-fit without cord refill box for the Uvex dispenser, 300 pairs. SNR 37 dB
SKU: UV2112022
48,64 €