Gloves Specialty Hi-Dexterity 0.5 black/grey 8/S

SKU: MSD-05-008
EAN: 781513627815
Tooteid kastis: 10
Tooteid kastis 2: 120
24,20 €
When you need the control of bare hands while still wearing gloves, reach for the Specialty 0.5mm High-Dexterity work glove. Our most dexterous work glove features a high-dexterity 0.5mm AX-Suede™ palm that forms to your hand for precision work. The Specialty 0.5mm High-Dexterity is anatomically designed to the natural curvatures of the hand using three-dimensional patterning to improve overall dexterity. Breathable TrekDry® protects the back your hand and allows cool air in when the heat is on. CE 1131
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